Syllabus of BBA (Honours) in Tourism and Hospitality Management

National University Syllabus of BBA (Honours) in Tourism and Hospitality Management.


National University Syllabus of BBA (Honours) in Tourism and Hospitality Management

BBA (Honours) in Tourism and Hospitality Management
Effective from the Session: 2015–2016

National University, Bangladesh
National University Act, 1992, Section-46
Regulations for BBA Honors in Tourism and Hospitality Management Program
(Effective from the session: 2015-2016)

1. Introduction: The National University BBA Honours in Tourism and Hospitality Management (THM) program equips students with the skills and self-confidence to effectively manage and adapt to a wide range of comparative and constantly changing business environments. The program is designed to provide students with the specialized knowledge they need for entry into the job market along with the theoretical and practical skills essential for a successful career in Tourism and Hospitality.

2. Admission: Students from all disciplines are to be admitted into the BBA Honours in Tourism and Hospitality Management program in the first year (first semester) in approved colleges/institutes as per policy of the National University through a centrally administered online based admission procedures. After the announcement of the admission notice, intending students should apply in the National University online admission portal. A combined score is developed based on marks in the SSC and HSC examination. Selection will be made on the basis of combined merit score. The detailed procedure of admission and allocation of seats will be determined by the National University.

3. The Program: Tourism and Hospitality Management (THM) Program will be a four-year program where teaching and examination of allocated courses for a specific semester would be finished within six months. Students will automatically transfer to the next semester after examination pending the results.

Duration and credit: The duration of THM programs is four years divided into eight semesters. A total of 120 credit hours are required for the student in 37 taught courses and viva-voce examination and an Internship with Defense at the end of the fourth year. History of the Emergence of Independent of Bangladesh, a compulsory course will be taught for the students of undergraduate programs of the National University.

4. Class Lecture and semester: Each 3 credits course will require a minimum 45 class lectures per semester (3 lectures per week), each semester being six months duration. Each semester will consist of about 21 weeks, in which 17 weeks will be kept for class lectures and 1 week for pre-examination break and 3 weeks for examination. The duration of the class lecture should not be less than 50 minutes. The teacher assigned for a particular course should plan the lectures accordingly keeping in view the course content to match the available working days excluding holidays. The students are allowed 3 months after their final examination to complete and submit their internship report.

5. Duration of Registration and Academic Session: The duration of the registration is 7 years where the academic session will be June to July.

6. Class Attendance: Every student of THM program must attend at least 75% class lecture to quality for sitting in the semester final examinations. Students having less than 75% attendance but more than 60% can be allowed to sit in the examination as non-collegiate students. Rules applicable for the non-collegiate students will be applied to them.

7. Grading System: The result of a THM student will be determined on the basis of grade point on a scale of 4.00 points along with letter grade. However, to determine the letter grade/grade point, the following range of marks will be considered.

national university Grade
national university Grade

8. Evaluation: There will be an examination committee for each year of the THM Program. The single examiner will evaluate the final examination scripts under the supervision of head examiner. Computation of grade point average will be merging on the basis of the following illustration. (Credit X Grade Point) GPA=

9. Promotion Improvement and Drop-Out
a. Promotion: Results of two semesters in each academic year will be calculated for promotion to next year (1st year to 2nd year). The student must appear at the semester final examination in all courses and pass at least 80 % of the total courses, for example, 8 (eight) out of 10 (ten) courses with a grade of D or above. Same rules will be applicable for the examination to the subsequent year is 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th year.

b. Improvement: A student receiving F grade in one or more courses must attend the improvement examination (s) in subsequent semesters. A student will be given two chances to convert F grade up to B plus. If the student receives a countable grade in his/her first attempt, no further attempt will be allowed. A student receiving C or D grade in one or more courses will get one more opportunity for the improvement in the consecutive semester. In this case, he/she can improve the grade up to the achievement. However, inany case, students will not be allowed to sit for the improvement exam for more than two courses in a semester. Improvement rules will not be applied for in-course, oral (viva voce) and internship grades in any circumstances.

c. Drop Out: If any student fails to qualify for the degree within the seven academic years including internship (report and defense), he/she will automatically be dropped from the program.

10. Medium of Instruction
The medium of instruction of the program will be in English. Students can also answer the course ‘History of the Emergence of Independent Bangladesh’ in Bangla.

11. Examination Rules
a. There will be two in-course examinations, one home assignment to be conducted by the course teacher. Evaluation of students along with grade is submitted to the head of the department for compilation and subsequent submission to the Controller of Examinations of the National University. The routine for the final examination is spread in such a way that those sitting for improvement and re-taker should not coincide.

b. All 3 credit courses of 100 marks and marks awarded are as follows:
c. All 2 credit courses of 60 marks and marks awarded are as follows:

d. Practical Examination and Field Work: The duration of the practical examination will be of 3 hours. The practical examinations have to be conducted by two internal and two external examiners. The external examiners should be the teachers from different Public/Private Universities or relevant Colleges/Institutes of the country. The practical examination will be conducted by the National University. Full marks for practical examination and field work will be of 40 marks for each course. The field work will be conducted and evaluated by the respective course teachers of institutions.

e. Viva-Voce, Internship (report and defense): Students are required to appear before an oral exam (viva voce) at the end of their fourth year exam. The weight of viva -voce exam will be of 3 credits. In the 8th semester, students will undertake an internship relating to their specialization area under the supervision of a faculty member. The internship will be evaluated by two examiners including supervisor of the student and an external examiner. Students are required to defend their internship report to the examiners after the evaluation. The external examiner will be nominated by the National University.

f. Disciplinary Measure: Any students adopting unfair means in the examination will be treated as the rules of National University go on.

g. Establishment of Laboratory and Arrangement of Equipment: Tourism and Hospitality Management is a practical oriented program whereas practical laboratory as well as necessary equipments will be arranged in colleges/institutions for practical purposes. In addition, the students may also get the privilege to practise practically oriented course to their attached (MOU) respective hotels.

12. Degree Requirements
Students must meet the following requirements in order to earn a Tourism and Hospitality degree:

13. Amendment of the Rules The National University may time to time amend the existing rules for the THM program. The university may also make any clarification in regards to rules if needed.