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Among the different departments of the university the college inspection department is an important one, because a college starts its functions through this department. This department has created a bridge of a direct and cordial relationship between the National University and the affiliated colleges.

Different activities of affiliated colleges are accomplished by three regulations/ statutes

  1. National University Affiliation Regulation
  2. National University (The governing body of affiliated colleges/Institutions) amendment statute 1998.
  3. National University Regulation regarding service-conditions of teachers of Non-Government affiliated colleges.

The main functions of the inspection department are as follows:

Offering Affiliation/Renewal/Canceling:

A college is offered affiliation according to the National University Regulation of Affiliation. Affiliation is offered, renewed and cancelled by the recommendation of the Affiliation Committee. A college applying for affiliation must have its own land, required number of teachers and students and infra-structural facilities and also have to meet up the conditions relating Affiliation Regulation. National University sends an inspection team to examine the possibility of affiliation in consideration to the application sent by the applying college. The inspection team submits a report to the inspector of colleges. The inspector of colleges then forwards it to the Affiliation Committee for appropriate decision. Affiliation is finally offered after the recommendation of the Affiliation Committee is approved by the Academic Council and Syndicate.

Inspection, Academic Supervision, Investigation:

As routine work inspections are made to look in to the administrative and management of the colleges to improve academic, administrative and overall management of colleges. Besides, if any complain comes from any college or institution investigations are made by the inspection department and appropriate measures are taken up according to the recommendations put forward by the team.

Recruitment of Teachers of Non-Government Degree Colleges/ Institutions:

Principal, Vice-Principal, Teacher, Librarian, Demonstrator, Physical Instructor are appointed by the Governing Body of college through the inspection department of National University under the Regulation of National University Teachers Service -Condition of Non Government Affiliated College. Besides, promotion, grant of higher scale, duties and responsibilities of teachers, resignation, retirement, re-appointment, dismissal, disciplinary action, leave and so on are decided by the said Regulation.

National University Affiliated Colleges



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